Why d’ya have to be so cute?
It’s impossible to ignore you…


Kool A.D. - Hyphy Ballad

go pour it up

grimes x rihanna

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here (in your arms) // hellogoodbye

well you are the one, the one that lies close to me
whispers, “hello i’ve missed you quite terribly”
i fell in love, in love with you suddenly
now there’s no place i could be but here in your arms

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Black Beauty || Lana Del Rey

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Pagan Poetry - Björk

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Lana Del Rey // Every Man Gets His Wish

Björk - Venus As A Boy

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now I haven’t had sleep so I don’t know if this sounds cool or not

either way I’m posting it because I think it’s as close to finished as I’ll get it

Lana Del Rey/Kanye West - Million Dollar Gold Digger

LORDE Tennis Court

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