Pagan Poetry - Björk

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Lana Del Rey // Every Man Gets His Wish

Björk - Venus As A Boy

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now I haven’t had sleep so I don’t know if this sounds cool or not

either way I’m posting it because I think it’s as close to finished as I’ll get it

Lana Del Rey/Kanye West - Million Dollar Gold Digger

LORDE Tennis Court

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Tegan and SaraNineteen (Acoustic) 

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Genesis (layered) by Grimes
(headphones are highly recommended)

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Know It Ain’t Right || M.I.A.

Jai Paul | Str8 Outta Mumbai

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Pawn Shop Blues - Lana Del Rey

Lana Del Rey | 'Once Upon A Dream'

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Daddy Dearest, you know how I like to take trips

Pops for stop at the K-mart, buy me peach lipgloss

Cigarretes and lollipops, mad magazines, the white socks

All in your car for our trip across the USA