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Hi guys! Please read this!


As part of my brand new internship with Marie Claire magazine on my campus, I’m a campus rep for the magazine, which means that part of my job is to sell subscriptions to the magazine. 

I’m gonna be posting an occasional ad or two on my blog, but if that’s annoying to you, feel free to block the tag “MarieClaireOnCampus”. I promise I will not flood anyone’s dash with it.

Seeing a few of the “inner workings” of Marie Claire, I’m really happy to be working for them. The magazine is really striving to do more than just the usual fashion / beauty tips (although I really love those too).They are working really hard to focus on women’s issues, and some of my favorite recent articles include: shaming universities for victim blaming in sexual assault cases, nail polish that detects date rape drugs, and an article about criminalizing emotional abuse. I got a message today from Marie Claire asking all of the campus reps to message them which women’s issues we feel need to be covered more. I have a lot of respect for this magazine for trying to tackle the issues women face every day.

Also, if you are feeling extra generous or nice, feel free to reblog my posts or help me spread the word. The more subscriptions I sell, the better it looks on me to the magazine staff, and because my literal dream job is to work for a women’s magazine… that’s like a huge deal to me. 

Lastly, If you do actually purchase a discounted subscription from me, please let me know! I’ll gladly promo you, reblog your selfies, or whatever else you request of me lmao.

This is super important to me in order to help me live my dreams in the future.

The link to get a yearly subscription at 69% off is right here